DJ Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a DJ can be a scary thing.  Hopefully we answer your questions in this section titled FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions.  You can also ask us questions, we don’t charge for that.  I know it’s hard to believe but we really just want your event to go as smooth as possible regardless if we are the lucky ones to provide you with our service.

Here are some common questions I get asked and my answers

How long have have I been in business?

I have been DJing in Michigan since 2001

Are weddings my main events or do I play at other events or clubs?

Weddings are the majority of what I perform but I do volunteer my DJ Services for school dances and charities like Relay for Life.

Do I have another event the same day or weekend?

I would never schedule another event on the same day as your event.  I perform no more than one event per day.

How much time does the DJ need to setup and take down?

This depends on the package that has been selected.  If lights are included, it takes a bit more time but on average no more than 2 hours to setup and 1.5 hour to tear down

How long does the DJ play music?

DJ will play as long as you requested with the option to pay for overtime if you decide to want music past the agreed time.

What equipment do I use?

I am what you consider a digital DJ meaning I have all my music on my Macbook Pro with a backup.  Also utilize Bose L1 Series powered speakers on smaller events and Electro Voice speakers for bigger events.  Also have a battery powered EV speaker for thats times you don’t have power.  Not ideal but it works when you have the DJ in a field or even when the ceremony is away from a power source.  Pioneer or Allen & Heath mixer.

Do I have back up plan if my equipment doesn’t work when your reception starts?

Yes being ex-military I always have backup equipment ready to go when needed.

Do I offer other services such as video screens for a slideshow and lighting?

I do not have video screens.  I do, however, have intelligent professional lighting.

What type of equipment does the DJ need the venue to provide?

The only thing the DJ needs from the venue is power (110v and preferably 20amp but 15amp will typically work) and at minimum 2 hours before event to setup.  Any rules (like no tape on floor which DJ’s use grafting tape remove the trip hazard the wires will cause)

How extensive is the DJ music collection?

I currently have over 40,000 digital songs which many are from companies like Promo Only which is a company that provides the music for Radio Stations so its edited and appropriate for all listeners.

What type of music genre do they have?

It’s a big mix of all genre’s

How do I keep my music collection current?

Mainly subscriptions where companies send you monthly the latest and greatest.

Can you provide your own playlist and a “do not” playlist?

Can they accommodate special song requests from guests?

How do they get your guests dancing and excited?

Can they give you a sample demo CD of songs from a previous wedding?

Does the DJ take breaks? If so, what happens during this time?

Can the DJ act as an emcee announcing the wedding party, bouquet toss, first dance and other announcements?

What do they wear?

Do they offer pricing packages?

Is breakdown and set up included in the cost?

What is the charge to play overtime?

What is the total cost and what is required for a deposit?

Do they offer payment plans?

What type of payment can they take – cash, check, credit card?

What it their cancellation policy?

Do they require you to provide a meal?

Does the DJ have insurance coverage?

Can the DJ provide references?

How far in advance do you need to book the DJ?

When does the DJ need your final payment?

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