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F5 Identify what Changes are Pending



So when a change is done on an F5 that is part of a device group (making it HA) the box will display Changes Pending until sync'd


You can use tmsh to show the most recent changes to a device group by running the following command. You can identify the device-group by simply typing tmsh show /cm sync-status

tmsh show cm device-group <device_group>

these are the two entries to pay attention to

CID Time (UTC)                   2019-Mar-27 10:07:21   
LSS Time (UTC)                   2019-Mar-27 09:30:41

You can check logs for what changes may have been made.  Using the output from the previous procedure, search the log file for changes that occurred between 09:30:41 and 10:07:21 on March 27 2019. If the device is a standalone and not part of a pair and you know the time of the last approved change, then use that time.

cat /var/log/audit | sed -n -e '/Mar 27 10:01:02/,$p'



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