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iphone video only mov

Cowboy Denny


Issue I learned recently but apparently the issue has existed for awhile now. All videos you do on you iOS are .mov files which means when you attach to a post or blog it only works if you are using a Safari browser.  If you use a Chrome browser you are screwed.

The standard is .mp4 format that works across the board.  It reminds me a lot of the lightning cable (apple only) vs usb-c (universal).

Huge bummer to learn that only Safari browsers can view these videos that were created by Apple devices.  You know it’s the first time I feel Microsoft and Apple are on the same page. Microsoft is very much about proprietary (keep it in the family).  Where Apple has all been about ease of use, starting using linux which is supported mainly by the linux community… So needless to say i’m bummed to learn this about only able to view apple movies with apple devices with an apple browser.

I hope that Apple joins the standards group so we can use our iOS device videos everywhere.  Please allow creating videos in some standard video formats.  We all know iOS devices have the best cameras, best OS and best power in a mobile device. No need to keep the video in proprietary mode of .mov


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