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Unity Candle



Lighting the Unity candle symbolizes the joining together or blending of separate lives. It is the coming together of two families and the merging of two individuals into one married couple, a love that burns jointly. The Unity Candle is an arrangement of three candles (the center candle sometimes being larger than the other two.) The two side candles are lit either before the wedding ceremony begins or just before the Unity Candle ceremony. These are usually, but not always, lit by the Bride's parents and the Groom's parents on their respective sides of the altar. Lighting the Unity Candle normally takes place after the Bride and Groom exchange vows and rings. The Officiant will share a few thoughts about the unity that exists between a husband and wife when they enter into marriage, after which the couple will take their respective candles and light the center candle. The couple then extinguishes their respective candles by gently blowing out the flame, symbolizing that they are now "one." Sometimes the couple chooses not to blow out their candles to symbolize that, even though they are now one, they continue to retain their individuality. 


Traditional Ceremony

(Officiant shall say):

The Unity Candle is a symbol of the union that exists between a man and a woman who enter the holy estate of matrimony. They are no longer two, but one. The Holy Bible says, “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and the two shall become on flesh.”  In a marriage relationship, a man and a woman leave one home to establish another. These two candles represent the individual homes in which (Groom)_________ and (Bride)_________ grew up. The center candle represents the new home they are establishing today with Christ as the heart of that home. As (Groom)_________ and (Bride)_________ join together in lighting this Unity Candle, may we all reflect on the union made here this day between God, this woman, and this man. 

Contemporary Ceremony

(Officiant shall say):

Lighting the Unity Candle is a symbol of the union created by a man and a woman who enter into marriage. They are no longer two, but one. The Bible says, "For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh." Today, we see tow people uniting themselves as one---as one in the flesh and as one in the spirit. These candles symbolize that union. The two outer candles represent the individual lives of (Groom) _______________ and (Bride) _______________ and the families from which they came. The lighting of this Unity Candle not only symbolizes the coming together of these two individuals, but the joining together of their families, as well. May you all recognize your continuing importance in each other's lives by sharing with each other the light of your love. 

Civil Ceremony

(Officiant shall say):

When the flames of two individual candles join together, a single brighter light is created from that union. May the brightness of this light shine throughout your lives, giving you courage and reassurance in the darkness. May its warmth give you shelter from the cold, and may its energy fill your spirits with strength and joy. Now as you light this candle, may it symbolize that today you become as one...hand in hand, heart to heart, flesh to flesh, and soul to soul. 

Short and Sweet Ceremony

(Officiant shall say):

The lighting of the Unity Candle symbolizes the joining together of your two hands, your two hearts and your two lives into one. From this moment on, the light of your love burns jointly as you walk down life's pathway together. May the path of life become brighter as the flame of your love grows stronger. 

Second Time Around Ceremony

(Officiant shall say):

The lighting of the Unity Candle is a reminder that the fires of love have once again been rekindled in your hearts. Sometimes our inner light goes out, but it is blown into flame again by an encounter with another human being. Each of us owes the deepest debt of gratitude to those who have rekindled this inner light. Because the two of you are the "rekindler" of each other's flame, today you will join your inner lights into one brighter light. May the light of your lives grow and glow so others may see the flame and feel the warmth of your love. 

All in the Family Ceremony

(Officiant shall say):



The Groom's children jointly light the Groom's candle and the Bride's children jointly light the Bride's candle. Then the Bride and Groom take their respective candles and jointly light they Unity Candle. 


The Bride and Groom light the Unity Candle first with their individual candles, then take the Unity Candle and together light each child's candle from that flame. 

     OPTION  C

The Bride and Groom light each child's candle with their individual candles, and together they all light the Unity Candle as a family.

You will need candles for the Bride, Groom, and each child represented, in addition to the Unity Candle. 

The lighting of the Family Unity Candle symbolizes the blending together of two homes into one home, two families into one family, (number of family members) ______________ hearts into one heart, and many colors into one rainbow. Just as you light your candles together, so may your love for each other light up your lives, both individually and together as a family. 


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