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    How to build Ceremony

    The first step is to contact Rev.Dennis to get you setup with access and get introductions out of the way as well as reserve his services for your special day.

    Next we need to know what you like for a ceremony that fits you both.

    START with the Wedding Ceremony Form you can fill out online which looks like this


    Everything probably is very straight forward until you get to the Ceremony Type.  Here I am going to walk you through the Complete Ceremony (Pre-Built) to show you how it works since the Custom Ceremony is very similar.

    After you fill out the top portion, under Ceremony Type you select Complete Ceremony (Pre-Built)


    You will presented with a drop down for which Pre-Built Ceremony you would like but since you don't know what each Pre-Built ceremony is like you can view each one by clicking on the Click here to view options link which will open another tab in your browser showing you the choices I have created which will look like this.


    You can click on each one and look at how the wording is and see if it fits you both.  If the one you clicked on isn't to your liking you can click the back arrow on your browser and click on another one to see if that fits better.  Just repeat the process until you find one that you like (if any).  If you find one you love then back on your original tab in your browser where the form is, select the pre-built ceremony you would like me to use to marry you.


    Under comments you can add any additional notes.  For instance if the ceremony is at an address but is in a certain room you would mention that here, or if at a park, what pavilion, etc..  


    Once you have the Wedding Ceremony Form filled out, Rev.Dennis will put your Ceremony together for you to review and work out the finer details.

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