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  1. I get the request all the time from other teams or application owners or security or someone that needs a large export from Infoblox. If its as simple as a domain, you browse to the domain and click export to CSV but if its multiple domains, sub-domains, networks, etc.. that's more difficult. In this example I had to export all our dns domains and records. Data Management - IPAM On the right in the toolbar click on CSV Job Manager Click the CSV Export on the left Click the boxes of the items you want in your CSV Export and uncheck the crap you don't want C
  2. With the F5 BIG-IQ tool you can update the admin and root passwords for all your devices you manage or just a select few and its fast and very easy to do. When you manage BIG-IP device from BIG-IQ Centralized Management, it is good practice to change the default admin and root passwords on a regular basis. From BIG-IQ, you can change the passwords for several BIG-IP devices at one time. Note: You can change the passwords for several BIG-IP devices simultaneously only if they have the same password. Important: The passwords for the BIG-IP devices you select must all be identical.
  3. this will be the description of the different modes Topology Load Balancing Mode Topology is a proximity based load balancing mode that allows you to direct traffic by defining topology records and selecting the Topology load-balancing mode for the wide IP or pool. The Topology mode bases the distribution of requests on the topology records and the weighted scores configured for each record. The topology records direct DNS queries to the closest virtual server, based on geographical information. The BIG-IP DNS system is designed to support an unlimited number of topolog
  4. The disadvantage of going with 8' panels (which have three 2x4's with around 17 dog ear boards) is they are set for a completely even ground and many landscapes aren't exactly even.
  5. Our friends need help to build a privacy fence since they are getting crazy high quotes of tens of thousands of dollars to build a simple privacy fence. Here are the basics on how I attack building a privacy fence Getting Started Preparation mark out where your fence is going call miss dig to make sure you aren't going to hit any under ground wiring get a building permit from your city measure the total area (length of each leg) to help price out material Gather tools and material To dig a post hole and set a post in concrete, you’ll need som
  6. Having an issue with a user trying to authenticate with ssh to F5 LTM and failing but they can log into F5 LTM via GUI with no issues. Start with running a tcpdump (obviously replace <client ip address> with the IP address of the device attempting to login with SSH) tcpdump -s0 -ni eth0 host <client ip address> -w /var/tmp/sshdeny.pcap -v Then evaluate your capture.
  7. When this coronavirus is over and life returns to what we call normal, may we never, ever take for granted again..... A handshake or a kind word from a stranger A hug from a friend Worshipping with other believers in a crowded church service A boring night at home Full shelves at the grocery store A Friday night out with the wife or husband at your favorite restaurant Looking for a parking space at your kid's ballgame Coffee with a long-time friend Kisses on the cheek by your grandchild Conversations with neighbors Long walks
  8. Here are my notes on setting up KVM on a fresh install of CentOS 8.3 on a VMWare ESX host SETTINGS Ram: 8G Disk: 50G USER SETTINGS root / SUPERMAN! NETWORK SETTINGS (2 interfaces required) IPADDR="" PREFIX="23" GATEWAY="" DNS1="" DNS2="" DOMAIN="atic.eventguyz.com eventguyz.com" As you go through the install choose: Server with GUI Container Management Development Tools Graphical Administration Tools Headless Management System
  9. I have the need to figure out what is the best network monitoring software (free) onsite (none of that cloud stuff). Totally can not handle all the false alerts we get from the Windows based Solarwinds Orion monitoring tool. I have two primary areas of concern to monitor Infoblox F5 GTM LTM ASM Some of the contenders include: Check_MK Raw Edition: free forever Enterprise (Standard Edition): $600/year F5 LTM: integration (https://checkmk.com/integrations/f5_bigip_vserver) and (https://checkmk.com/integrations/f5_bigip_pool)
  10. How to fix when you get the following error $ sudo yum update -y Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, product-id, search-disabled-repos Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: mirror.sjc02.svwh.net * extras: repos.hou.layerhost.com * updates: centos.host-engine.com base | 3.6 kB 00:00:00 extras
  11. After upgrade to 8.0 I am unable to get any stats which means Applications tab doesn't work and just kicks out an error and same thing for most everything under the Monitoring tab. What did I try? I removed the BIG-IP device and readded it with same results I removed DCD and readded it back in which took about an hour each because it would hang on ES_ service What worked? These steps will only affect the configuration between the Big-IQ and the DCDs, none of the Big-IP data should be affected: From bash on the CM: reset-data-collection-cluster From
  12. Google Cloud Print was deprecated in January of 2021 and is no longer supported. More about that can be found here: https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/9633006?hl=en The solution is to use Mopria Chromebook printing on imageCLASS products after Google Cloud Print is deactivated. Install Mopria Print Service, click on the dots on the bottom and accept the license agreement, click Wifi to find printer, and print test page. Click on link in article to Add printer in the Settings Menu Solution There are two methods available to imageCLASS devices after Google Cl
  13. About a month ago our kids could do there school work and print to the Canon printer using the Google Print Services from there chromebook but now it doesn't work and I have an orange light flashing on my printer. Whats going on?
  14. You can wipe away any pin that got set on your printer by following these couple of steps. on the printer you will see a speaker icon on the left of the screen, on the side u will see the reset button. Press this button Then you will get a screen like the one shown. Click the red button all the way to the right 5 times and then press the reset button again and you will get a screen like this one below so enter 43810 and press apply and you will get a screen like the one below press the Yes and then you will be brought back to the initial screen you saw whe
  15. If you are leveraging the BIG-IQ tool (version 7.x or newer) to import devices using a CSV there are a few things you should know. It would probably help to know the columns needed (note you do not include the column headers in the csv) So when you Save your CSV it MUST NOT be in UTF-8 mode or it will fail when you try and import it with incorrect Management IP Address which is the first column since the CSV import can not read a CSV saved in UTF-8 mode. Anyhow, your CSV should look something like this when your done When you click begin you will see a very bori
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