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  • DJ ZAh, Professional DJ Services For Any Occasion

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    Why should you pick DJ ZAH?

    We Can Bring the Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm to Your Next Dance!"


    Call Us Whenever You Want Entertainment For Just About Any Occasion:

    • Birthdaysdjzah-party_dancing.jpg.3288074551d96f927b8187dafa227555.jpg
    • Sweet Sixteen's
    • Proms
    • Graduations
    • Car Show's
    • House Parties
    • Fraternity / Sorority Parties
    • Class Reunions
    • Pool Parties
    • Picnics / BBQs
    • Anniversaries
    • Fashion Shows
    • Carnivals
    • Dinners / Fundraisers
    • Sport Events

    I am able to accommodate pretty much any kind of function due to professionalism and the significant and comprehensive size of my music collection, for which I pride myself upon a great deal. Even if I don't have what you need, that would only mean that it is apparent that perhaps I should have it. Therefore, I go out and get it at no extra charge. You are also encouraged to provide (on CD format) anything that you wish to make sure I have (All I ask is that the material is 'OK'd by you and edited for mass consumption)

    Why Choose DJ ZAh For Your Next Event?

    Top-Notch Equipment

    We use the best to ensure you get a high quality and reliable performance for your event.
    When it comes to equipment, it's not the time to go the less expensive route.

    Professional Service

    YOU and YOUR guests are our focus.  Unlike other DJ's we don't make the event about us and advertising for our next job. Your experience is everything to us.  DJ ZAh has been DJing since early 2000.  As it is said, when you do something you enjoy its not work.  DJ ZAh loves to make his customers happy and completely satisfied. 

    Charity & Fund Raisers

    In the crazy world we live in, some are still trying to cash in on any event to include those that are trying to raise money for a special event.  We gladly help where we can at a greatly reduced price or free.

    Performing Successful Events For Over 20 Years

    Many years ago I started with a Numark mixer and some JBL speakers.  Was DJing events here and there then had to get business cards due to all the requests for a business card.

    I’m not known to be a business man so I charged way too little for the amount of time and energy dedicated towards my events.  I also lost customers because they saw my low prices and thought I was not at the same level of a DJ charging twice as much.  Now I’m priced mid to low compared to others and I’m happy where I stand.


    Does DJ ZAh represent or stand for something?

    DJ ZAh came from combining my kids names with our last name. Zack Alex hosang

    I’ve always loved music and making people happy with music.  You could say I was born to be DJ


  • DJ ZAH uses professional Computerized Performance Systems and more than 30,000 all digital music library, for a state of the art entertainment system. Pulling up requests takes mere seconds to accomplish allowing your DJ/MC more time to focus on you and your guests. Your music will be skip-free, crystal clear and distortion-free.




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  • The DJ ZAH Experience

    You want someone that knows what they are doing and will listen to your ideas, even assists you; Our DJ delivers on that promise. From your initial contact with our very experienced DJ, until your last smiling guest has left your event, you will feel the difference of having professional, courteous service every step of the way.

    DJ ZAH features:

    • Quality Music
    • Top Notch Equipment
    • Extensive Event Planning

    You are also getting:

    • Experienced DJ/MC
    • Wireless Microphones
    • All Digital Music Library
    • Online Event Planning
    • Online Music Database
    • Unlimited planning sessions with your DJ/MC
    • Over 30,000 Songs
    • Plus over 20,000 Karaoke Songs

    Our personalized attention is focused on the clients we are entertaining.


    DJ ZAh service extends throughout all of Michigan.  Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, school dance or birthday, we’ll take care of all the details so you can enjoy your event to the fullest!

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    • I still use my Allen & Heath ZED10fx which works great for small gig that they want to use a couple mics, guitar, drums OR if you are just playing music from your laptop via the USB connection. I carry it around with its power cord in a thomson hard flight case.  Its light and I can leave the mixer in the case if I prefer.
    • Here is a overdue follow up on how the EVERSE 8 is...   one word..  awesome! PLENTY of sound and lasts hours and hours and hours.  Great sound and perfect for a ceremony or small get together of 30 or less Bluetooth worked awesome so I played music from my iPad running djay software.  I also plugged into the audio input jack a battery powered lapel mic and that worked great as well.  For portable or small jobs, you really can't go wrong with this EV speaker.
    • I went off the deep end..   I purchased the DENON DJ Prime Go and I actually really like it.  
    • When using Virtual DJ and the Allen & Heath ZED10fx you must configure it like shown below to get deck2 through the headphones on the MacBook When do I use the ZED10fx? When I need to plug in lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and a mic
    • Here I'm going to be talking about how to integrate your DJ Philips Hue Play Smart Lights (Play Models) with the required Philips Hue Bridge.   Here is another video when using Denon PrimeGo with built-in Engine software  
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