How to EXPORT addresses from containers


So we all know how to export one subnet in Infoblox using the GUI.  Super easy using the export button.  If you want to export all addresses in a container, well thats a different story and not so easy.

My first approach, which was a failure due to the limit of 500 records, was to do a search for anything starting with 10.45. which worked up to 500 records so that’s not going to work since a possibility of 65k records in a class B.

Next step is to download this file which was created by FHecker on Infoblox to a system that has python installed (I use my mac or a linux server).


Change the file from ending in .txt to .py

Make it executable by running sudo chmod 755

Now the fun is just running it for any container you want.  So for this example, I need all records for so I run:

sudo python -n -o ipam10-46export20210113.csv

You’ll then get prompted

FQDN for GM (or CP member): [enter your gridmaster fqdn] 
Userid for API calls: [enter your admin for Infoblox] 
Password: [enter your infoblox admin password]

It exports everything in the CSV file you provided with the following columns


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