I get the request all the time from other teams or application owners or security or someone that needs a large export from Infoblox.  If its as simple as a domain, you browse to the domain and click export to CSV but if its multiple domains, sub-domains, networks, etc..  that’s more difficult.

In this example I had to export all our dns domains and records.

Data Management – IPAM

On the right in the toolbar click on CSV Job Manager

Click the CSV Export on the left

Click the boxes of the items you want in your CSV Export and uncheck the crap you don’t want


Click Export Data at the bottom and let it go.  You can click Close in the bottom left (which Cancel turns into Close when the Export is running).

You can come back to the CSV Export and you’ll see completed or failed exports and you can download the results by clicking what is shown below


It’s that easy.

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