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Mom Begins her Fight with Breast Cancer


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Today I received the news that my mom slipped and fell and when they were looking her over they discovered a large lump on her chest and so they ran all there tests and they discovered it is in fact cancerous.  Now she is going to the doctors to talk about removing both her breasts to give her the best possible chance of recovery / survival.

Our Lord! We thank you for all the blessings—blessings of sound body, mind and spirit—and implore Your Mercy to keep us healthy and safe from all kinds of diseases and ailments!

Our Lord! You are All-Knowing and All-Mighty! You are The Absolute Creator of all causes and their effects. You control life and death, sickness and health. You are the Ultimate Healer and the healing comes from You alone.  Empower us with knowledge, wisdom and compassion to bring the power of healing to the sick and the suffering.

O, the Compassionate One! We seek Your assistance and guidance, your inspiration to keep up the good work and to serve Your beautiful creation in their pursuit of health and happiness. Amen



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