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NSW Government Announces “Vibrancy Reforms” to Aid Sydney’s Live Music Scene


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Vibrancy ReformsKings Cross, Sydney | Credit: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

The Minns Labor Government has today announced a series of Vibrancy Reforms designed to aid Sydney’s live music scene. The scene has been hit hard over the last decade. The disastrous and draconian regime of Mike Baird, the one-time Sydney Premier who waged war on Sydney’s nightlife, had long-lasting effects – the lockout laws destroyed venues across the city, particularly in the CBD.

Then, just as venues began to recover, the COVID lockdown dealt another terrible blow, resulting in venues closing, prices for live events soaring, and chaos across the scene.

NSW Government proposes six Vibrancy Reforms

These new Vibrancy Reforms are therefore a welcome change to the government’s usual approach. They are made up of six proposed changes. The first will stop a single noise complaint from shutting down a venue. The second will provide a framework to councils that will make it easier for them to be supported in setting up cultural precincts.

The third reform will “permanently relax the rules for outdoor dining”, and will make it easier for councils to close streets in order to host pop-up events and festivals. The fourth will expand the remit of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner, allowing them to propose changes to Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast. The fifth will provide a new approach to licensing, “removing outdated rules” and providing efficient consultation to venues.

And finally, the sixth Vibrancy Reform will improve the night-time sector for workers. Though this last point is the most nebulous, it involves a plan to improve the working conditions of those who operate outside regular hours. Together, these reforms are designed to be a shot in the arm for Sydney’s cultural scene, supporting venues and performers, and providing a real incentive to host events.

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