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Zack Graduates Tech School

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ammo_specialist.jpegPoor kid has been stuck in a holding pattern at shepherd air force base awaiting his orders for South Korea which he just got this morning at 1am.  Now he needs to make arrangements with this recruiter here back home in Michigan so he can come home before heading out.  Something called RAP (Recruiter Asssistance Program i think) where Zack doesn't use LEAVE to come home.  He comes home and assists the local recruiters which will allow him to be home before heading off.

Zack has to pay for his plane ticket home but after he's here for 14 days then he is required to fly out of Detroit to Seattle then to South Korea which is obviously on Uncle Sam (meaning Zack doesn't need to pay for that 15hr flight).


Thursday Dec 15th he flies to Detroit

6 days Leave

8 days RAP

Monday Dec 26th he flies from Detroit to Seattle

Tuesday Dec 27th at 1:50am (ish) he flies from Seattle to South Korea where he will spend the next 12months then he will go to Italy.

Here is a short clip of Zack graduating his 8 week training for his Air Force career as an ammo specialist.  

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