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Military Career STEP 4 (MEPS)

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Military Entry Processing Station (MEPS) - Physical Testingmilitary_flags.jpeg

This will include things like:

  • Various medical exam (prepare to cough, lol)
  • Background check (no criminal record, felonies, etc)
  • Delayed Entry Program (DEP) swear-in
  • Job counseling
  • Choose your availability date for basic training

Medical Examination

They are making sure you pass physically regardless of what you told the recruiter.  While at MEPS you will be examined by a Physician so wear clean underwear. 🙂

Background check

You can't have a criminal record or felonies.  If you have traffic tickets for speeding won't keep you out of the service but much more than that you'll not qualify for a career in the service.

Delayed Entry Program (DEP) swear-in

Once a month the DEP commander's call to prepare for basic training.  You will be checked/verified you still remain qualified to join the Air Force.  So just because you get sworn in and you did great on your ASVAB, if you mess up prior to the day you leave for Basic Training you can kiss your military career good bye.

Job counseling

Here you'll give your top 5 job desires.  What do you want to do in the service?  Obviously you won't have choices if you didn't score high enough.

Choose your availability date for basic training

You can pick when you want to leave for basic.  Some people want to leave as soon as they graduate and then some want to wait a month or two before they start there career (there last bit of freedom before starting there future).  Back in 1989 when I enlisted, I requested August which gave me a few months after I graduated.  I wouldn't put that long if I could do it again and August is the hottest month in Texas (Lackland AFB) where boot camp is for the Air Force.  I would leave within a month after graduation if I could do it again.


Check out the full descriptive list here

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