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Memory Card Choice


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Why do you need a Memory Card?  Isn't that old school?

For your info this is my favorite memory card (plenty of room, plenty fast at 160MB/s)


SDXC Memory Card Compatible with Mac and Denon Prime GO

I have a very new Macbook Pro (M2 Chip) and it has an SD Card Reader built in the right side of the Macbook Pro


Also I utilize the Denon Prime Go as my primary Mixer which also has an SD Card Reader on the front



So it makes sense to build your music and playlists and then Sync-Transfer to SD Card (using the Engine DJ software) and then I don't need to bring a laptop to the gig OR what at minimum you have a backup in the event your laptop has issue you can go standalone mode on the Denon Prime Go and you have all your playlists and music.

NOTE: It's important that you use Engine DJ software to transfer music to the SD Card to make it somewhat easier to use when you plug it into the Prime GO

NOTE: ALSO make sure the SoundSwitch is backed up from the laptop to the SD Card so when you try and run lights from the Prime GO you have the Venue reachable on the SD Card.


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