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Speaker Review for Outdoors


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I love my Bose L1 Series 2 speakers. I have two setups with two Bass modules per speaker and am completly happy with my purchase.

However, I'm note a big fan of bringing them outdoors. I have and the music is great but having my speakers exposed to the elements (dust, floating pollen balls, mist, humidity, sun baking, etc) makes me nervous.

So I am looking for alternatives for outside wedding ceremonies and I believe I am going to settle for the JBL EON series speakers. They two are powered.

For the Ceremony I will utilize just one JBL EON510 10" 280w Powered speaker or the JBL EON515 450w powered speaker. No deep bass from a 10" sub but the ability to play all music and prior to ceremony I could just throw a cover over the speaker to keep out the dust.

Also an advantage of using the JBL is a speaker stand with adjustable legs to offset differences in levelness in the ground. With the Bose its very difficult on uneven surface.

For price I am looking at

$600 for the EON510   or    $800 for the EON515


$70 speaker cover for the EON515

$150 Ultimate TS-100 Air-Powered Speaker Stand

$1100 TOTAL (max with tax)


Then make your speaker wireless by adding the Phonic WM-SYS4 which includes

1- Phonic WM70 Stereo Transmitter (two XLR input connectors)

2 - Phonic WM400 Receivers (one for left and one for right)

This runs around $350 and provides around 200ft of wireless connectivity to an active (powered) speaker.

So all that is required at the remote location would be two 110 plugs (1 for active speaker, 1 for wireless receiver).


So I have run into the issue that most mixers only have one MAIN out for left and one MAIN out for right and 99% of the time these are Male XLR connectors.

My system I have the Bose L1 Series II which takes 1/4" Balanced input for the Left and 1/4" Balanced input for the Right.

Also I have a nice JBL EON15 which I use for an extended speaker and eventually I will have another one of these.

So I have 3-4 speakers but only two outputs, how do I accomplish this.

I am thinking of using a Y-Splitter for the left and a Y-Splitter for the right which will take the output and split them to two male XLR outputs per left and two Male output connectors for the right.

For the Bose I utilize a Female XLR to 1/4" Balanced and the JBL

For the JBL I utilize the longest "quality" XLR cable I can find which is 50' and is provided by Monster.

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