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How to DJ at a Strip Club


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Being a disc jockey at a strip club can be a very challenging job. Most strip clubs already have a full time DJ, but there may be a chance a strip club in your area needs your services. The following steps will assist you in becoming a DJ at a strip club.

Step 1

Apply for DJ jobs in all the strip clubs in your area. Even if they have a full-time DJ, they may use you for special occasions or to fill in for their DJ when he or she has to be away. You will need DJ experience before a strip club will hire you so make sure you have some experience.

Step 2

Stay patient. Jobs will rarely jump out at you. It will take a little time but you must stay patient and not get discouraged while you are searching for that perfect DJ job at a strip club.

Step 3

Take other gigs in the meantime. Experience is very important and the more opportunities you have to get better at being a disc jockey, the better your chances are to land a big job at a strip club.

Step 4

Accept any offer a strip club gives you. That means you have your foot in the door and you can only go up from there. Do what they ask of you and before long you will be promoted.

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