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Connect Audio 4 DJ to Virtual DJ 6.0.8


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This wasn't as straight forward as I thought it would be so I am putting this quick tutorial together to reference later as well as help anyone out there looking on some help connecting there Native Instruments Audio 4 DJ to there Mac running Snow Leopard 10.6.x and running Virtual DJ 6.0.8

Connecting the USB cable is pretty straight forward but DO NOT install the drivers that came with your NI Audio 4 DJ if you are running Snow Leopard. You must go to Native Instruments website and download the latest drivers which DO support Snow Leopard. I recommend not having your Audio 4 DJ connected when you install the drivers. Once you do the windows thing (reboot) then you can plug your NI Audio 4 DJ in and everything will now function like it is suppose to.

USB on Audio 4 DJ to open USB port on Mac (not a hub since the Audio 4 DJ is powered using your Mac)

Channel A: port 1(left) and port 2(right) into mixer.

Otherside plug your headphones in and turn the volume up a little to start (nothing will be coming out until we configure it)

Launch Virtual DJ 6.0.8 and click on the CONFIG tab at the top and configure like the following


Click Apply then Click OK to close the window

Play a track which should be coming out your Channel A (main out to mixer)

Go ahead and right click on a song (or ctrl + click to simulate a right click) and select Preview

In your headphones you will hear the main track and the preview song (if not make sure in Virtual DJ that your CUE volume is turned up as well as MAIN)

Of course we don't want both coming through the headphones, just the preview track so if your main out is playing in the left track we need to turn the light off for PFL on the left track so click on PFL on the right track and now your preview song should be the only thing playing through your headphones.


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