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JBL EON 515 Review


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Representing the next generation of its groundbreaking and industry-standard EON® series portable loudspeakers, today JBL is introducing the EON500 series. The unveiling of the EON500 series self-powered and lightweight speakers immediately raises the bar in the category of molded powered loudspeakers.

"Since its introduction in 1995, the EON series has led the way in terms of versatility, performance and value, as evidenced by the sale of nearly one million EON speakers to date," said Simon Jones, Director of Marketing, Portable PA, JBL Professional. "Thanks to the acute attention to detail in the design engineering of EON, the highest level of quality is delivered to the end user. JBL has developed the new EON500 series loudspeakers with this same dedication to performance and reliability, while increasing portability, through an even lighter system and designed ergonomics. It has more performance, it’s lighter and it’s even easier to move around."

There are three models in the new EON product range. Each of the full-range EON500 series compact, lightweight models features an on-board mini-mixer with loop-thru or mix-out capability, allowing for greater control of the loudspeaker’s output. The EON500 series loudspeakers also offer selectable EQ, multiple suspension points, soft-grip handle and a full screened backed grille for extra component protection.

The EON500 series loudspeakers feature a combination of JBL’s patented engineered components, enabling a smaller enclosure and lighter weight than competitive models. When combined with the products’ ease of handling, the EON500 series loudspeakers are ideal solutions for everyone from mobile DJs and musicians to systems integrators.

The unmatched reliability of the EON500 series loudspeakers is the result of JBL’s integrated design of the woofer, amplifier, wave guide and thermal management of all components. Additionally, all electro-acoustic components have been specifically engineered for the EON system. Because the features and manufacturability of the system have also been developed in unison, the highly refined production process contributes to the reliability of the products.

The EON515 and EON510 are both 2-way powered speaker systems, offering mic and line level inputs, as well as selectable system EQ, giving users a "loudness" type control and the ability to roll off the low frequency for maximum performance with a subwoofer or when used as a floor monitor. Both models feature one XLR/ quarter-inch combo connector and additional quarter-inch inputs providing input flexibility and the ability to mix multiple sources. Each loudspeaker features one XLR output where the output signal is selectable, either the whole mix may be looped to another speaker (or sent to a mixing console), or simply the primary input for traditional "daisy-chaining."

The EON515 is a 15-inch 2-way loudspeaker system offering a total of 450/900 watts (continuous/burst) power. All power in the EON515 is derived from latest Crown® Class–D technology; it’s highly efficient, compact and incredibly lightweight—less than 33 pounds (15 kilograms). The EON515 offers a 15-inch Differential Drive® woofer, a compact high-performance compression driver with a 1-inch exit and neodymium motor on a 100° x 60° wave guide.

The ultra-compact EON510 10-inch 2-way loudspeaker system offers a total of 280/560 watts (continuous/burst) power, weighing only 17 pounds (7.7 kilograms). The EON510 offers a 10-inch Differential Drive woofer, a compact high-performance compression driver with a 1-inch exit and neodymium motor on a 100- x 60-degree wave guide.


The EON518S subwoofer features a single 18-inch Differential Drive woofer in a vented enclosure, powered by a 500/1000 watts (continuous/burst) amplifier. It features a pole mount cup for sub/satellite applications, level control, dual inputs, a stereo crossover network, peak limiter and polarity reverse switch. It also has a speaker level input increasing connectivity, flexibility and system configuration options.


"Once described as ‘the ultimate workhorse, utility loudspeaker,’ the success of the EON line is based on its broad appeal, ranging from simple PA applications to professional sound reinforcement, making it extremely useful for DJs, musicians, major rental companies, schools, churches and institutions alike," Jones added. "As with the existing EON lineup, utility will continue to drive the success of the new EON models, which truly represent the next generation in portable loudspeakers."

In addition to acoustic performance the EON515 features three full size deep-well handles, light weight, and balanced ergonomics. The new generation of EON products offers true portability and ease of handling. Five standard M10 rigging points and integrated pole mount socket increase the system’s utility. The extremely rugged copolymer enclosure has been designed for main and 45° monitor orientation in the left and right hand configuration. A full screen-backed steel grille offers additional protection for both the woofer and compression driver components.

  • 450 watt High-Performance Powered Speaker System
  • True portability weighing only 14.8 kg (32.5 lb)
  • Multiple handles with comfort rubber grips for easy transport
  • 15" Differential Drive® low-frequency driver with neodymium magnet for low-distortion and light weight
  • 1" throat diameter next generation JBL neodymium compression driver
  • Efficient Crown® Class-D amplifier technology
  • Built-in 3 Channel Mixer
  • 100° H x 60° V asymmetrical wave guide for uniform audience coverage
  • Line level and direct microphone input capability
  • Selectable Pre-engineered EQ settings
  • Unique Mix/Loop signal flow function for extended system application
  • Easy “daisy-chain” connections for extending the system
  • Integrated M10 suspension points for easy rigging
  • Multi angle enclosure for main or monitor applications
  • Integrated 36 mm pole mount socket with stabilizing securing screw
  • Highly designed composite enclosures for durability, lightweight, and acoustic performance
  • Live sound reinforcement, speech and vocals, music playback in entertainment, A/V, and institutional venues – especially when ease of use and portability are important factors.
  • Amplification, mixing, and monitoring for electronic musical instruments.
  • Everywhere you need to be heard.


System Power Rating: 450 W continuous, 900 W peak

Frequency Range (-10 dB): 39 Hz -20 kHz, (EQ in ‘Flat’ position)

Dimensions (H x W x D): 685 x 438 x 366 mm, (27.0 in x 17.3 in x 14.4 in)

Frequency Response (±3 dB): 42 Hz - 18 kHz (EQ in ‘Flat’ position)

Coverage Pattern: 100° H x 60° V nominal

Maximum SPL: 129 dB

Net Weight: 14.8 kg (32.5 lb)
JBL warranty policy:

Should you have a manufacturing defect in your product within 30 days of your order date, simply reply to your original email receipt with an exact description of the problem; We will provide instructions for you to send back the defective product (at your expense) and we will ship you a brand new replacement product (at our expense). Should you have a defect in your product after 30 days from your order date, but before the 1 year warranty expires, simply reply to your original email receipt with an exact description of the problem; We will provide instructions for you to send back the product (at your expense), and will have the product repaired by the manufacturer and returned to you (at our expense).

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