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Every Karaoke Jockey needs to supply Karaoke Songbooks so while potential singers are sitting around can preview the book.

Some Do's

  • Provide by Artist and by Songtitle
  • Large Print
  • Include Request Slips

Some Don'ts

  • do not print so tiny drunk people can't read it

Unfortunatly I haven't found a good Mac Songbook Creator but I do know that kJams is working on including this feature in a future release which would be awesome!

So for now, I use a VMware Fusion session of Windows XP to create my Songbooks. I have evaluated and purchased two different software packages:

1.) FastTracks V2 Karaoke Software

2.) Songlist Generator by Latshaw Systems

Both have there advantages but one big difference between them is that FastTracks relies on a .csv import (or manually adding the tracks) where SongList Gen. offers a scan of your directory to populate its list. My current Karaoke software (kJams) offers the ability to select all tracks and copy, then open Excel and paste, so creating a .csv file isn't very hard. I suggest if you are using a Mac, in Excel, Save As Windows (.csv) I also organize the columns like this

A: Song Title

B: Song Artist

C: Disk ID

D: Track Number

E: Genre

I insert Row 1 and label them as given above then save file as a Windows .csv file (kJams_export)

The part I like about Songlist Generator is the column list of versions it just gives the abbreviation (SF = Sunfly, SC= Soundchoice, etc..) where in FastTracks V2 it has to give the entire Disc Name which takes up way to much real estate. Also with Fast Tracks V2, if you choose to hide a column like MFG or Disc Name, the program still reserves the space. So instead of giving more room for the Song Title it will still word wrap the song title and you have all this empty space to the right where MFG and/or Disc Name would normally be. Not a very smart program which makes me lean more towards Songlist Generator by latshaw.

Now the bummer with Songlist Generator is the lack of ability to import a .csv file. You have to scan your directory where all your karaoke files are kept which means it takes FOREVER.

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Check out Tricersoft Karaoke Songbook Creator. It's not very expensive and it doesn't appear that you are loosing anything compared to the two mentioned above.

It's a LOT like Song List Generator by Latshaw but a LOT less in cost. Of course Song List Generator has an option or two more but $24.95 compared to $79

Checking out KJ Pro right now (which is $99)

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  • Support_Admins

I'm so upset that no one can create a Karaoke Songbook software package for Mac.

Is it that complicated for all the programming smart people out there to create a simple database program to generate Karaoke Songbooks on the mac.

If I could put together a preference, please add the ability to search my hard drive where I store all my karaoke files.

ALSO, please add the ability to import a .csv file as a way to import songs.

Then it is a matter of formatting the output (like grouping the same songs so no duplicates are printed).

For now I will have to dig out a PC for this purpose.

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