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Yesterday I upgraded my mixer from a Numark 200-FX to a Yamaha MG166 so I can better support the live band setups I have to do often at the different events I get hired for.

So instead of 4 channel mixer (which was filled to the max requiring me to use a seperate Beheringer 502 mixer for live setups), I now have a 16 channel mixer with room to support whatever is thrown my way. Of course I now have to buy new cases because the current Gator 10x6 slant top case is too small for the 12u Yamaha mixer.

Also I am learning alot about balanced and unbalanced connections and have attached a pdf that helps describe them.




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Learning my new Yamaha MG166cx mixer I found the requirement to have a third speaker setup on the beach for ambiance.

This new mixer you can plug into Aux Send (1 or 2) 1/4" BAL and run to your powered speaker (in my case I am using a JBL EON15) using the 1/4" input jack.

Now you can control the volume using the AUX1 or AUX2 knobs. Remember to plug into AUX SEND not AUX RETURN.

Now you can maintain your MAIN OUT Left/Right using the XLR connecters (in my case to my Bose L1 Series II speakers) and run a third & fourth (AUX1 SEND) and fifth & sixth (AUX2 SEND).

Pretty sweet



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