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Relay for Life Lap Ideas


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I'm looking for idea's and fun activities for the Relay for Life. A collection of idea's to keep the 24 hours fun and serious at the same time. Trying to keep people not bored because that is the worst thing when people are tired and bored. Next thing you know they are in there tent sleeping.

So I will be putting as many things I can think of and find here and would appreciate any other suggestions.

I typically provide Music and Karaoke but what else?

For some fund raising ideas check out this link and also this link

The dollars raised from the American Cancer Society Relay For Life are used to provide Hope…for the future, Progress…toward a cure, and Answers…to cancer questions and concerns.



How Your Donation Helps

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1.) "Dancing for a Cure" - Team sites would theme to represent different types of dancing related ideas - incorporating the fight for the 'Cure'.

2.) "Wonders of the World" - Teams can theme to different awe inspiring world landmarks while tying them in to finding a Cure.

3.) "Take a Bite out of Cancer" - Teams theme to food related ideas - whether selling food or theming to fun food related activities while finding a Cure.

4.) "Toon Out Cancer" - Teams theme to different Cartoon related themes - characters, food, activities - all searching for a Cure.

5.) "Goodnight Cancer, Goodmorning Cure!" - Teams theme as different storybook related characters or story ideas and tie them in to finding a Cure.

6.) "Heros for Hope" - Teams represent different 'heros' that give them hope - super heros, real life heros, sports heros - all fighting for a Cure.

7.) "Relay Olympics" - Teams theme their sites to represent different countries or Olympic sports, coming together to find a Cure.

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Games of all kinds including:


Pin the tail on the Donkey

Glamour makeovers

Photo Ops

Face Painting

Tennis lessons

Prayer Tent

Chair Massages

Meet local Sports teams

Hair Wraps

Nail Art


Brow Waxing

Guitar Hero and Rock Band

video game tournaments

Relay Arcade!

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Have at least 2 teams (number of teams depends on the number of kids) each team gets 1 roll of toilet paper to create a mummy. They get a point for:

1 - 1st to get their mummy wrapped and be OUT of tp

1 - voted best mummy

1 - 1st team to 'revive' their mummy, take all of the tp off of them AND there can be no mess... have to pick up any mess to be done with 3rd phase

When its all done the team with the most points is the winner

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Warm-up Pre Relay

  • Final Countdown - Europe
  • Ready to Go - Republica
  • Right Now - Van Halen

Survivor Lap / Caregivers Lap

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye & Tammy Terrel

Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now - McFaddin & Whitehead

Can I Walk With You - India Arie

Celebration - Kool & The Gang

Chariots of Fire - Soundtrack

Cup Of Life - Ricky Martin

Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac

Everything - Avalon

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

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