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Karaoke Software of Choice (Mac)


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I tried the Karaoke Software for Windows and found myself seeking an alternative because of how unreliable Windows Karaoke Software proved to be.

I purchased a MacBook Pro (a bit expensive but my rep is on the line) and purchased kJams Pro and these two are the best purchase I have done for my Karaoke business.

I have never locked up (knock on wood) and the system and software have proven to be VERY reliable and I feel 110% confident when walking into a gig.

Now there was a learning curve, first for me to switch from Windows to Mac was a big move and I don't have the brain of a teenager so learning a new system I was a bit worried but it was easier then I thought.

Also having to learn the new Karaoke software kJams but it works so much like iTunes (which I am familar with) that it made it very easy. Also the support for kJams is outstanding.

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