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Remote Video for Slideshows?


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One task that I am still having some difficulty with is the projecting of a slideshow or movie for my customers across a room while still providing the audio through my system.

So I end up running doing one of the following..

Load the slideshow/video to our Video iPod and then setting the Video iPod next to the projector and then running audio cables across the floor all the way back to the DJ Console for audio.

Another Option is playing the slideshow/video through the laptop and running a video cable out of the laptop to the projector.

If I could convert this to wireless, that would be awesome. Any Idea's???

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I found this solution for Windows users Only which I won't do.




Now I did find a possible solution here


(Nice part is it is O.S. independent. All you need to do is feed it video and audio from your Mac or PC via RCA cables or S-Video or Composite). So far this is the winner but of course they are out of stock at the moment so I'll continue to search for another possibility.

I am also considering a not so well known company but provides a less expensive version of the pureav product above.


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Another option is this one


(Need to do some more research. It does not appear to support HD which may be an issue when projecting an image on a large screen)

Something similar to the RemoteTV option in the previous post is


(Downfall is it only broadcasts in 480i and no VGA connections, just S-Video and RCA)

If money is no object and you want the absolute best quality picture then check out the Belkin Flywire.

http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatSectionV ... sub_207101

(Downfall, only HDMI and $1500 is a bit much for my wallet)

Or for a little less you can get the Gefen UWB version


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So I ended up purchasing the AVTech Solutions version mostly because of the cost and the fact they seem to be one of the few that still have such a thing in stock.

The Pro to this solution is its completely Operating System independent, which means all you have to do is get the video and/or audio to it.

So Saturday night the GIG that I had required a slideshow with audio. It was originally discussed that the Projector was going to be located on the DJ Station so connecting audio was going to be rather easy.

Then at the last minute while onsite the projector was placed in the middle of the dance floor (far away from DJ Station).

I just plugged the host (Source) black box by the projector and ran audio out from the laptop's headphone jack to two rca inputs on the black box source. Powered up the Remote black box and ran the two rca outputs to my system (a mini Behinger mixer I use for seperate inputs). On the Source black box you must hit a button that says Pair and once you see the solid blue light under link you are ready to go.

Audio was perfect. i was unable to test the video wireless but so far the audio worked great.

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