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Speaking from a mac user my trials have taken me through...

  • iTunes
  • MegaSeg
  • Traktor Scratch
  • Serato Scratch Live

I still use MegaSeg as my primary software just because of its ease of use. I use iTunes when someone requests a song I don't have I'll go to the iTunes store and grab it for them (sometimes).

Traktor Scratch is highly rated but missing features that I find myself enjoying on MegaSeg. Also MegaSeg doesn't take hardly any CPU cycles where as Traktor is a CPU hog.

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Okay, so thinking about upgrading to Virtual DJ because it may replace MegaSeg, Traktor Scratch and kJams Karaoke software.

Along with the $300 purchase of Virtual DJ I would get a MIDI functional mixer like the M-Audio Torq xponent (another $500) which allows the control of the software from the mixer.

With the $800 investment I may be able to simplify my setup.

I would still need to use my Numark Mixer (for the speaker hookups, mics, mini behinger mixer, etc.) but may remove the Numark CD Players and just get some flight cases.

1 case for the M-Audio Torq xponent (which would set right next to my laptop)

keep the monster Gator case I have now (or if possible get a smaller one) which has our Power Conditioner, Light Control, Numark Mixer and a drawer. Of course in the back of the case is my audio8 sound card, two shure dual channel wireless mic boxes and power cords a plenty.

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Okay, an update on the status of DJ Software. Seeing how VirtualDJ doesn't offer a demo I took the chance and just purchased the software in hopes that it would replace my current DJ software (MegaSeg) and my current Karaoke software (kJams). So will it work? Read on...

It's really nice software and ease of use is a 7/10 compared to 9/10 for both MegaSeg and kJams but much better then the 5/10 that was found with Traktor Scratch.

It takes a bit to get use to because it is so different. Also no import of songs, videos or karaoke files. Instead you leave them where they are and just add it like a playlist. The software supports hot swappable drives so in the event on drive goes down you can keep the event going by connecting another drive. Pretty cool.

Video transitions sets this software higher then MegaSeg or Traktor Scratch. Easy to mix video and VJ very easily.

Now some negatives... VirtualDJ is first for Windows users (meaning everything works on a Windows machine) and then us Mac users are the after thought for VirtualDJ software. What really upset me was the Karaoke function of VirtualDJ they advertise doesn't work with Mac's. Like adding singers, having a queue, etc.. doesn't work with VirtualDJ for the Mac. So it can't replace the very powerful kJams software for Karaoke. kJams will always be the winner when it comes to Karaoke due to the ability to purchase Karaoke songs online like the iTunes store which doesn't appear to be in the works for VirtualDJ yet.

Something I miss already that MegaSeg has is when I have a playlist loaded I could click on any of the songs in the playlist and it would show what time that song would be played at the bottom of the playlist. It makes it easier to set things up for scheduled events like weddings or the end of the night.

The Library is just easier to use in VirtualDJ then MegaSeg. You can quickly allow Music, Karaoke and/or Videos in your search results.

Something I haven't found in Virtual DJ is the ability to either replace, append or prefix the current playlist with another one. So if I am dragging and dropping a new playlist I would love to see the option popup (replace, append or prefix current playlist).

Would be nice to see an option that if I click Pause the song does a quick fade to pause instead of a cut to pause.

I do like the ability to just double-click on a song in your playlist and the currently playing song will fade out as the new one fades in (works with Video as well).

Not sure if I can switch to this versus MegaSeg because if I have to still use two seperate programs for my Music and Karaoke then what is the incentive besides VirtualDJ has the promise of offering karaoke in the future where MegaSeg hasn't produced an update in over a year.

Will keep you posted.

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Very disappointed in the Virtual DJ for Mac. I have been told that they are working on Version 6 (right now I am on v5.2.1).

If I had to do it all over again I believe I would get Serato Scratch Live with the Video plugin for the Music Video's. It beats Virtual DJ by far but also has some down falls. One, it does require a powerful machine, Rane sound card and only a couple of Controllers (which are top notch/expensive).

Serato is known all over the DJ circuit as the cream of the crop. I would say #2 would be Native Instruments Traktor.

Actually thinking of blending Karaoke with DJ software isn't realistic but Virtual DJ dangled that carrot out there and I bit and bought the software to find out its not really true for us Mac users and its more of a Windows only thing (It's not like Windows already has enough issues trying to stay working).

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MegaSeg saves the day... AGAIN

I had an issue where I was performing the ceremony (marrying the couple) at a separate location then where the reception was.

Wedding started at 6:00pm and the Reception 7:00pm and they are 15 minutes apart.

I needed to have music at reception starting at 7pm or a little before. I also had a need for music at the ceremony as well as microphone.

I setup my entire system at the reception hall minus one of the powered speakers. I setup MegaSeg to automatically start playing my Cocktail Playlist at 6:50pm (ensuring the AutoSeg was enabled so the next song would start).

I then went to the ceremony location (outside) and setup my other powered speaker with a mini mixer with iPod plugged in and microphone.

Music started at the reception without me being there and when I arrived, all I had to do was setup the speaker I was using at the ceremony and I was in business.

Thank You MegaSeg!

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WARNING: Before attempting this you MUST make a Backup of your Native Instruments/Traktor Folders including any, and all Settings and TSIs that you may have saved on other parts of your machine. Its is also recommended that you make a backup of your music folder.

This information is for use at the users own risk.


1. Back up your user data and track information!

The following folder contains all of your track collection information. If you wish to save this information you must make a backup copy of the Traktor user info folder; this can be found at the following location (the ~ symbol refers to your user home directory) unless you changed it to a custom location when you installed the program:

Macintosh * HD/Users/~/Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor

Win XP: * My Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor

Vista: * Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor

If you installed to a custom location, then you need to find it and back it up yourself.

Simply copy or duplicate the contents of this folder into another backup location, then copy the files back into the folder after you have reinstalled TRAKTOR.



Traktor OSX:

Trash the following files/directories:

/Applications/Traktor/ (may vary, as chosen in installer)

[user-home]/Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor/

/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Traktor/

/Library/Preferences/com.native-instruments.Traktor Pro.plist

[user-home]/Library/Preferences/com.native-instruments.Traktor Pro.plist


/Library/Receipts/Traktor Application.pkg

/Library/Receipts/Traktor Framework.pkg

Empty trash!

Traktor Win XP:

  • Run the uninstaller (Control Panel > Add or remove Programs > Native Instruments Traktor)
  • Delete the user folder in [user-home]\Documents\Native Instruments\Traktor\

Traktor Windows Vista:

  • Run the uninstaller (Control Panel > Programs and Features > Native Instruments Traktor)
  • Delete the user folder: [user-home]\Documents\Native Instruments\Traktor\
  • Delete \ProgramData\Native Instruments\Traktor\

For Further Information see the Knowledge Base:

Mac: http://www.native-instruments.com/kn.../questions/619

PC: http://www.native-instruments.com/kn.../questions/621

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Okay, my current setup is:

MegaSeg 5 (went for the upgrade for the sole reason of accessing my iTunes Library from within the program)

kJams Pro (for the sole purpose of doing my Karaoke Events. Best Karaoke software out there by FAR because of its options and its stability).

Serato Scratch Live 1.9.1 (for the purpose of scratching audio and video

I would like to replace MegaSeg with Serato Scratch Live being my main performance tool but it is a difficult task at the moment and mainly because the external sound card (SL-1 or SL-3) only works with Serato. So if you have this setup at your gig, no luck using kJams or MegaSeg with that external sound card, so you have to have another one like M-Audio Fast Track. Native Instruments Audio 8 supported Traktor Scratch, MegaSeg and kJams all worked using the Audio 8 sound card.

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Serato Scratch Live is the best DJ software for those who want to DJ or VJ with your Macbook or if you want to experiment scratching (though not necessary).

DOWNFALL to Serato is it is very resource intensive and you must use RANE Scratch live audio card which isn't compatiable with ANY other DJ software. When I had Traktor with Audio 8 sound card the Audio 8 worked with any other DJ Software.

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