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Canon MF731cdw unable to use Google Print Services


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Google Cloud Print was deprecated in January of 2021 and is no longer supported.

More about that can be found here: https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/9633006?hl=en

The solution is to use Mopria

Chromebook printing on imageCLASS products after Google Cloud Print is deactivated.

Install Mopria Print Service, click on the dots on the bottom and accept the license agreement, click Wifi to find printer, and print test page. Click on link in article to Add printer in the Settings Menu


There are two methods available to imageCLASS devices after Google Cloud print is deactivated.
  1. Chrome OS Native Print
    • Mopria  compatible models can use Chrome OS native printing. Mopria is on by default on most imageCLASS products. The steps below are only necessary if it has been turned off. 
    • Device Settings
      • In order to print on the printer using ChromeOS Native Printing, you must log on to the remote UI in administrator mode and activate the Mopria ® settings.
      • From [registration of setting] > [NETWORK] > [Mopria Configuration], check [Using Mopria].
      • For more information, see the user documentation for each product.


        *If the Mopria ® settings are not displayed on your phone, you can use it without setting it.
    • For information on configuring Chrome devices, please visit the Google web page at:.
    • Applicable models: Listed below in Table 1.
  2. PPD printing
    • You can print using PPD files preinstalled in Chrome OS.
●For details, please refer to the following Google web page.
  • See [Set up your printer] > [Use the advanced setup process] > [PostScript Printer Description].
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