Fighting Cancer and a Cold


So today marks the 4th week Kate has been fighting a cold while she continues her fight against cancer.

Luckily she isn’t getting fevers but she is sneezing more than normal but the coughing is insane.  She describes the feeling she has something in her throat but it just won’t come out.

So what have we tried since Doctor doesn’t want her to take anything that can interfere with the handful of pills she is taking:

  • Lot’s of fluids (water, crystal light)
  • Robitussin Syrup Non Drowsy Elderberry Cough Medicine
  • Cough Drops (with lemon, another one with peppermint)
  • Honey (1/2 teaspoon)
  • Gargle with Salt Water

Nothing worked but the Robitussin help’s her get through most of the night without coughing.

Today she reached a new level of sick since she has been throwing up a lot (well three times is a lot to me).

Hoping she gets some rest.. she is grounded to the bed until she feels better.

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