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DJ Experience

You want someone that knows what they are doing and will listen to your ideas, even assists you; Our DJ delivers on that promise. From your initial contact with our very experienced DJ, until your last smiling guest has left your event, you will feel the difference of having professional, courteous service every step of the way.

Our DJ features:

  • Quality Music
  • Top Notch Equipment
  • Extensive Event Planning

Our DJ uses professional Computerized Performance Systems and more than 30,000 all digital music library, for a state of the art entertainment system. Pulling up requests takes mere seconds to accomplish allowing your DJ/MC more time to focus on you and your guests. Your music will be skip-free, crystal clear and distortion-free.

You are also getting:

  • Experienced DJ/MC
  • Wireless Microphones
  • All Digital Music Library
  • Online Event Planning
  • Online Music Database
  • Unlimited planning sessions with your DJ/MC
  • Over 30,000 Songs
  • Plus over 20,000 Karaoke Songs

Our personalized attention is focused on the clients we are entertaining.


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