Some ideas on how to function at festival and be safe with COVID spreading like wildfire on a dry year.  Our goal is to ensure everyone is safe regardless if they believe COVID is real or not.  We would take the same approach with any airborne disease.  All most people want to do is get out of the house and enjoy themselves without worrying about getting sick.


  • screening for anyone entering event holding area (quick temp check). Patrons and employees.
  • provide ability for patrons to purchase masks (need to be clear dust mask vs medical n95 mask)

box office

  • PlexiGlass over windows with slot large enough for credit card machine.
  • Sanitizer spray to be used of patron says they are paying via Credit Card. This is for every transaction
  • every teller has hand sanitizer.
  • 4 tellers using every other window and possible will call window.
  • possibly smooth out teller work area/patron so easy to wipe down between transactions. (Metal, plexiglass, etc)
  • promote the use of contactless pay via Apple Pay

Obviously it’s difficult to maintain a 6′ distance at an outdoor event

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