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Some days we just need to laugh so EventGuyZ put some jokes together that will hopefully make you laugh.  So when you are stressed and just need to relax, some take a peek at some Jokes we've collected.

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  2. Because it lost its contacts. Everyday Tech What was the spider doing on the computer?... He was making a web-site! What do you call an iPhone that sleeps too much?... Dead Siri-ous. What did the computer have during his break time?... He had a byte! What is the computer's favorite snack to eat?... Microchips! What shoes do computers love the most?... Re-boots! Why did the computer go to the dentist?... To get his Bluetooth checked. What is the biggest lie anyone can tell?... "I have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions. Developers & Programmers What kind of computer sings the best?... A Dell. Why did the developer become so poor?... Because he cleared his cache. What made the Java developers wear glasses?... They can't C. Knock knock Who’s there?” Hello world! “Hello world, who?” NameError: name ‘who’ is not defined How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?... None, because it is a hardware problem. Why do they call it hyper text?... Too much JAVA. Have you heard of that new band "1023 Megabytes"?... They're pretty good, but they don't have a gig just yet. Microsoft, Apple, and Linux How did Microsoft Office get so famous?... Due to good Word of mouth. A truck carrying Microsoft software has just overturned on the main road… That's the Word on the street. Why are Microsoft employees never relaxed?... Because they’re always on Edge. I took a Microsoft Office class in high school… I Excelled in it. What kind of books grow on trees?... Apple MacBooks. What is a Linux user's favorite game?... sudo ku Why do vampire's use Linux?... Because they don't like Windows in their house. Video Games What did the man do after the Nintendo game ended in a tie?... He asked for a Wii-match! What do you do when you encounter a sad Xbox?... You console it. What did the gaming reporter say about the new Minecraft updates?... “They’re groundbreaking! Gamers don’t take hot showers… They take Steam-y ones. What does the gamer use to make bread?... Ninten-dough. My Xbox, PS4 and Switch all broke on the same day… I was inconsolable. Oh no! PlayStation and Xbox online services are down! Someone call an ambulance! *Wii U Wii U Wii U* What game is in Schrodinger's Xbox?... Dead or Alive I was electrocuted by the PlayStation controller… I was shocked twice. Why doesn’t Mario like to use the internet?... He’s afraid of the Browsers. Why doesn't Mike Tyson play the PlayStation?... Because he's an Xbox-er. How many Nintendo fans does it take to change a lightbulb?... Who knows? They’re all too busy playing with the Switch. What was the only Nintendo series to really fall flat?... Paper Mario.
  3. So my son is in the service and he's friends with everyone that will let him. He's straight (likes girls) and this particular gay friends knows that but sent my son this song and said he thinks of him. Now we aren't sure if its a joke (which I'm assuming it is) but you never know. Enjoy, cause it made me laugh
  4. Here are some funny clips found of Nate Bargatze that just make me laugh and hope they make you laugh as well.
  5. Some fun videos of Ralph Barbosa that you can enjoy and hopefully make you laugh.
  6. You may enjoy watching Lafayette Wright.. he made me laugh pretty hard
  7. Some fun clips of Daniel Tosh Stand Up Comedy
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