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A club focused on DJs but everyone is welcome. Check out my DJ ZAh Page (https://eventguyz.com/music/djzah/)

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  2. I still use my Allen & Heath ZED10fx which works great for small gig that they want to use a couple mics, guitar, drums OR if you are just playing music from your laptop via the USB connection. I carry it around with its power cord in a thomson hard flight case. Its light and I can leave the mixer in the case if I prefer.
  3. An awesome tribute to Chris Cornell. One of my favorite covers
  4. Here is a overdue follow up on how the EVERSE 8 is... one word.. awesome! PLENTY of sound and lasts hours and hours and hours. Great sound and perfect for a ceremony or small get together of 30 or less Bluetooth worked awesome so I played music from my iPad running djay software. I also plugged into the audio input jack a battery powered lapel mic and that worked great as well. For portable or small jobs, you really can't go wrong with this EV speaker.
  5. I went off the deep end.. I purchased the DENON DJ Prime Go and I actually really like it.
  6. Beatsource provides a wide range of ready-made DJ playlists so you can get mixing right away. Algoriddim has partnered with Beatsource to give djay users seamless access to Beatsource's unique catalog of open-format music tracks, including curated playlists for DJs, Top 100, offline storage and track recommendations.
  7. Beatport is an American electronic music-oriented online music store owned by LiveStyle. The company is based in Denver, Los Angeles, and Berlin. Beatport is oriented primarily towards DJs, selling full songs as well as resources that can be used for remixes.
  8. Soundcloud offers two separate subscription plans for users, Soundcloud Go and Soundcloud Go+. They’re priced at $4.99/month and $9.99/month, respectively. Both plans offer ad-free streaming, offline listening, and a plethora of tracks all in one place. Soundcloud Go+ has even more tracks than the standard Go plan.
  9. When using Virtual DJ and the Allen & Heath ZED10fx you must configure it like shown below to get deck2 through the headphones on the MacBook When do I use the ZED10fx? When I need to plug in lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and a mic
  10. Here is a very popular (back in the day and still today) song that is pretty simple to do and a great starter. Below is a video of a bunch of people doing the Hustle to Stevie Wonder - My Eye's Don't Cry So how do you do the Hustle?
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This form is used to layout what is expected of the DJ like what to play when and at what time etc.. This form is just a starting point for discussion
  12. Version 2023.06.27


    This is the Karaoke Library of Songs we carry
  13. Here I'm going to be talking about how to integrate your DJ Philips Hue Play Smart Lights (Play Models) with the required Philips Hue Bridge. Here is another video when using Denon PrimeGo with built-in Engine software
  14. Okay so let's discuss lighting... I am still fairly new to lighting (well controlled lighting which means not relying on Sound Active Mode for my lighting). Now I was using Virtual DJ Pro for awhile successfully but when I started looking into intelligent lighting and DMX control I ran into two avenues to go down that other BIG TIME DJ's utilize which are: rekordbox built-in free lighting control soundswitch subscription based Since I don't dedicate every waking moment to DJing like I use to, wasn't a fan of going the subscription based soundswitch so ROUND
  15. Why do you need a Memory Card? Isn't that old school? For your info this is my favorite memory card (plenty of room, plenty fast at 160MB/s) SDXC Memory Card Compatible with Mac and Denon Prime GO I have a very new Macbook Pro (M2 Chip) and it has an SD Card Reader built in the right side of the Macbook Pro Also I utilize the Denon Prime Go as my primary Mixer which also has an SD Card Reader on the front So it makes sense to build your music and playlists and then Sync-Transfer to SD Card (using the Engine DJ software) and then I don't need to bring a laptop to the gig OR what at minimum you have a backup in the event your laptop has issue you can go standalone mode on the Denon Prime Go and you have all your playlists and music. NOTE: It's important that you use Engine DJ software to transfer music to the SD Card to make it somewhat easier to use when you plug it into the Prime GO NOTE: ALSO make sure the SoundSwitch is backed up from the laptop to the SD Card so when you try and run lights from the Prime GO you have the Venue reachable on the SD Card.
  16. I'm settling into my new configuration that I like. My scenario is two different configurations Mac plugged into my Denon Prime Go running VirtualDJ and Soundcloud with my Control One noMac - Denon Prime Go (run built in Lighting, run music off USB thumbdrive with Playlists) NOTE: Previously I was iTunes dependent meaning I would create my playlists and purchase music from iTunes since iTunes can be read from every DJ software out there so it makes sense but I want to not be so dependent on iTunes. File Storage In both scenarios, the location of the music isn't really relevant but I don't want my music files all over the place so I like to keep it simple and the pickest of the software appears to be iTunes (or Apple Music) so I use the default settings provided by Apple Music which is annoying since they use the word Music in three different folders. HDD --> Users --> yourusername --> Music --> Music --> Media --> Music SCENARIO 1 - Computer Mode Virtual DJ ability to import playlists any .m3u playlist (engineDJ, iTunes, etc) ability to export playlists support for many streaming services including TIDAL TIDAL subscription EngineDJ DB organizer ability to create playlists ability to import playlists ONLY from iTunes no streaming support on desktop version iTunes create playlists of music owned purchase missing music sync Playlists between iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) NOTE to self.. Curious if I should be doing my prelim playlist in iTunes (so I can sync to iOS devices as a backup) and then open EngineDJ and I can import the playlist from iTunes (so EngineDJ can analyze and assign the BeatGrid to each song in the playlist) then I can Export that playlist to Virtual DJ. Setup Instructions Connect Macbook to Denon Prime Go USB on back of unit Launch VirtualDJ Turn on Denon Prime Go and swipe down on screen and click Source and at the very top of the screen click the little computer and you'll get a warning popup saying: This will stop all audio and restart the player into Computer Mode. Continue? <-- Touch Yes to reboot the unit into Computer Mode from Standalone Mode Watch your VirtualDJ to pop up a message asking where you want your speakers to go Computer or Prime GO <-- click Prime Go and click OK Create Playlists in EngineDJ So I organize my music in enginedj (mainly because I use a denon prime go which runs on enginedj and the playlist I create in enginedj can easily be transferred to my portable mixer). Now there are several times that I need Virtual DJ since EngineDJ does not support automix and they are very passionate on not ever adding automix so VirtualDJ is my primary platform. Instructions on how to Export Playlist in Engine DJ and Import in Virtual DJ You can create playlist in EngineDJ then right click on the playlist and click Export Save the file as M3U Then go grab that file and paste in the VirtualDJ playlist folder found: HDD --> Users --> yourusername --> Library --> Application Support --> VirtualDJ --> Playlists Open VirtualDJ or ReOpen VirtualDJ and the Playlist should now be in there. So the playlist you export and import have the file locations in them so this way you can keep all your files in the same iTunes location and everything just works. Instructions on how to Export Playlist in Virtual DJ and Import in Engine DJ No clue yet but this would be nice since I fine tune the playlist during an event and I would like to just export the playlist in VirtualDJ (which is very easy to do by right clicking on any playlist and click Export and click Playlist Only and make sure you select the M3U version). Just not sure how to import this M3U playlist into EnginePrime.. haven't figured it out yet. SCENARIO 2 - Standalone Mode Open Engine DJ Software on your Mac and at the bottom there is a Sync Manager, utilize that to move over music to thumbdrive that you can plug into the Denon Prime GO. Need to research the lighting scenario as well (do I still use the control one or just the soundswitch dongle) more details to follow Engine DJ - User Guide - v3.0.0.pdf VirtualDJ_User_Manual.pdf
  17. One of the most common questions I get is how do you setup your equipment when you go on the road (mobile DJ). Here is a horrible drawing that might help on how I set up for a small-medium event. Red lines are POWER I personally use rekordbox as the software of choice which is why you see the RB-DMX1 DMX controller connected to my laptop via USB on one side and the Donner Wireless connected on the DMX side. If you use any other software like Serato, Virtual DJ or DeJay AI then the RB-DMX1 won't work for you and you may want to look into the subscription based SoundSwitch. As a backup to the Donner Wireless not being charged or not working, I just carry two extra DMX cables (1 to run from the RB-DMX1 to the parcan and 1 from the last parcan in the chain to the Gigbar) I use powered speakers (different ones depending on the size of the gig but ALWAYS powered speakers.. with passive speakers if your one amp goes down you have no sound.. with powered speakers if the amp in the speaker craps out, your other speaker can keep the party going) If laptop craps out, I carry an iPad Pro with me that I can hook up directly to the DDJ-400 If the DDJ-400 craps out I have two options I can connect the iPad Pro directly into the Mixer and utilize the iOS version of DeJay AI (which I've DJ'd an entire event from iPad Pro to see if I could do it and it worked.. not my go to but as a backup it works great) I can plug my USB from my laptop directly in the Mixer
  18. I ended up getting the Pioneer DJM-S7 and mainly because I can use it with Serato, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Dejay Pro, etc.. After playing with Serato and Rekordbox I found that I find advantages to both BUT a big plus on Rekordbox is if you do decide to do DMX lighting as well, its built in and doesn't require an additional membership. If you go the Serato route you end up having to pay a subscription to Sound Switch which is very similar to what is included in Rekordbox for free. Another advantage Rekordbox has over Serato is the automix feature. Now most real DJ's would NEVER use automix so its not a big deal to them to not have it. Then there are others that don't mind playing a playlist with automix running while they take a break or hit the restroom. Yes you could use Virtual DJ or Dejay Pro which do a great job at automixing a playlist but now you have to run two different software applications and if you are using Serato that would be a third software application (1. Serato 2. Soundswitch 3. software that supports automixing) Back to the hardware.. so since I wanted to test out all the different features of the different software I chose the S7 A learning lesson... if you go with a mixer instead of an all-in-one controller like the DDJ-400, rekordbox see's the USB connection to a mixer and in the software marks the S7 as an external mixer and grays out the Internal Mixer option. ONLY way to use automixing in rekordbox is to have the software on Internal Mixer (it can not be on External Mixer) so my S7 is up for sale since its a requirement I have.

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  20. This is a sensitive topic since so many people are passionate about what is the best or what's correct lighting. Let me share with you what I like and you can go from there. Not saying what I like is the right or correct lighting solution but it works for me. Hardware Control: SoundSwitch (requires subscription of either $8/mo or $80/year + one time purchase of SoundSwitch Hardware $200) DJ RB-DMX1 DMX Converter for Rekordbox 512-Ch USB DMX Controller (no subscription but requires RekordBox software which requires supported Pioneer hardware): Donner Wireless DMX Battery Dongles Lights: EASY PRE-BUILD Chauvet DJ Gig Bar Move + ILS 5-in-1 DJ Party/ Stage Lighting System with Tripod, Wireless footswitch, RF Remote 2 DMX Cables, and Free Carry Bags MANUAL BUILD (should all be in slave mode) Intimidator Trio SlimPAR 38 SlimPAR 64 Chavet Pro Nexus Fusion Spot MKII Slimline 5Q5 RGBW Stand Connectivity Speakers <--(XLR out) DJ Controller <--(USB) MacBook Pro Donner Wireless Transmitter <--(DMX) Soundswitch <--(USB) MacBook Pro Donner Wireless Dongle <--(DMZ) Lights Software SoundSwitch DJ Software (rekordbox, Serato, Virtual DJ, Traktor)
  21. Looking for a new Mixer or Controller that meets the following requirements: Still work with my DJ Software algoriddim djay pro virtual dj serato It must work with my mac and ios iPad Pro It must have XLR Master Out and Combo Mic In Must have USB soundcard built in Let's talk about the Mixer I'm looking at first I really like everything I am reading about the Pioneer DJ DJM-S5 which runs around $800 Some cool features above my requirements stated above is it comes with USB-C connection and is powered by this USB-C whether its plugged into your laptop (Mac) or a usb-c power adapter to include a battery powered charger with usb-c for those remote events. So you can run a gig in the middle of nowhere with this mixer, macbook pro and a EV battery powered speaker. No generator needed even though a jackery solar powered generator might also help for the extended gigs. Now we found a mixer, let's look at a controller that meets all the requirements around the same price. I am leaning on the Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 2-Deck which runs around $840 CON: The DDJ-800 only works with the Pioneer software rekordbox which means I can't use SoundSwitch to control my lights since rekordbox has there own solution for lights. I prefer to use SoundSwitch because it works with all DJ Software but unfortunately not rekordbox. So if you go with DDJ-800 you will always have to use rekordbox and what Pioneer solutions are available. I love Pioneer products but not a fan of forcing me to use a software when it may be limited. If you really like the DDJ-800 but want Serato support you'll need to jump up to the flagship product Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT 4-deck which will run you about another $500 ($1300) but make sure you get the SRT version which is the DDJ-1000 made for serato. CON: the DDJ-1000srt does NOT support playing music from iPad with software like Djay Pro by algoriddim but you can use this software from your Mac, just not any IOS device. Looks like Pioneer Controllers I'm just limited to something that costs $2000 like the DDJ-REV7 which seems crazy to me but the REV7 does support DJing from iOS with something like djay pro and Mac using Serato or Virtual DJ. .
  22. So last time I discussed music source it was quite a few years ago at which time CD's was still happening. We would get our CD's and import them into our system but now it would be tough to find anyone still supplying CD's since we are in a digital world. I'm still a huge fan of Promo Only but now its all digital (no more getting CD's in the mail). So many DJ sources for music are (in no real order): Affordable ways to discover new music Soundcloud YouTube Spotify TikTok Shazam Paid DJ music sources Beatport (Best for electronic & EDM DJs) BPM Supreme Traxsource (Best for house DJs) Beatsource (Best for open-format DJs) iTunes Store (Best for mainstream music) Bandcamp (Best for supporting the artist) Amazon Music (Best for the penny pinchers) Juno Download Boomkat Bleep Free DJ music sources Soundcloud (not all free but you can find free music from emerging artists typically) Free Music Archive (All MP3's are free to download) Noisetrade Jamendo Demodrop CCTrax You might want to know which streming services work with which DJ Software The biggest factor in a DJ’s choice of streaming platform is their music library. Does it cover everything the DJ needs, and does the library have a well-varied and constant back catalogue? Audio encoding: MP3 or AAC – Some platforms encode their music using the generic MP3 file format, and others use the newer AAC format. AAC has a more intelligent way of compressing the file without it losing quality. As a result, a lower bit-rated AAC file will have the same audio quality as a higher bit-rated MP3 file; for example, AAC at 256kbps is equivalent to MP3 at 320kbps. Service DJ Software Audio Quality Amazon Prime / Music Unlimited Engine DJ (SC LIVE 4 & SC LIVE 2 ONLY) (Music Unlimited only) up to 24-bit/192kHz FLAC (music unlimited) Beatport Streaming rekordbox, Serato DJ, Traktor, VirtualDJ, Engine DJ, WeDJ, Algoriddim Djay (Mac/ iOS only), DJuiced, Reloop Advanced: 128kbps AAC Professional: 256kbps AAC Beatsource rekordbox, Serato DJ, Traktor, VirtualDJ, Engine DJ, Algoriddim Djay (Mac/ iOS only), DJuiced, Dex3 Base: 128kbps AAC Pro+: 256kbps AAC Soundcloud Go+ rekordbox, Serato DJ, Traktor, VirtualDJ, Engine DJ, WeDJ, Algoriddim Djay (Mac/ iOS only), DJuiced Go: 128kbps AAC Go+: 256kbps AAC TIDAL rekordbox, Serato DJ, Traktor, VirtualDJ, Engine DJ, Algoriddim Djay (Mac/ iOS only), DJuiced 320kbps MP3 – 1411kbps WAV (HiFi) and up to 24-bit/192kHz studio master quality FLAC (HiFi Plus) Tidal and Soundcloud have a similar offering as iTunes as they give decent access to material from top 40 and mainstream charts. To Stream Music or Download Music Owning your own music in the shape of downloaded, locally kept music files is still a non-negotiable. Why? Well, in no particular order… Local files are more reliable to DJ with – Once these tracks are on your computer, or your USB drive, it’s as good as having the record or CD with you They’re truly yours forever – No streaming service going bankrupt, or licensing agreement with a record label running out, can affect the availability of tunes you actually own You’ll think harder about each track once you go to the trouble of downloading and organizing it into your collection – The act of downloading/buying, tagging, and protecting your local music takes effort and often money, and so you’ll give more thought to each new track, which is always a good thing for keeping the quality of your DJing high. And finally, if you’ll permit me to share an artistic reason… An actual collection says something tangible about you – These individual tracks become part of how you view the world of music. By owning them, you’re making a statement. To put it more poetically, the tracks you play are the words that form the sentences you “speak” to your audience when you DJ. And as all great communicators know, if you want to convince anyone of anything, you should never use borrowed words…
  23. First Dance Songs that focus on the genre rock
  24. First Dance Songs focused on the genre pop
  25. Below is a suggestion of songs the Bride & Groom could dance to for the very first time. Songs are focused on the genre country
  26. I went with the Electro-Voice everse 8 for my speaker mainly because of reviews and I have EV powered speakers that work very well.
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