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  2. Trying to automate the infoblox client for linux infoblox-client-master.zip infoblox-client-0.5.0.tar.gz.tar infoblox_client-0.5.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl
  3. If you are leveraging the BIG-IQ tool (version 7.x or newer) to import devices using a CSV there are a few things you should know. It would probably help to know the columns needed (note you do not include the column headers in the csv) So when you Save your CSV it MUST NOT be in UTF-8 mode or it will fail when you try and import it with incorrect Management IP Address which is the first column since the CSV import can not read a CSV saved in UTF-8 mode. Anyhow, your CSV should look something like this when your done When you click begin you will see a very bori
  4. We upgraded to and now we seem to have a bunch of issues authenticating using either AD or TACACS. It requires multiple tries and then it eventually works. Our first attempt is to fix the F5 devices that are using AD only vi /etc/openldap/ldap.conf You have to add a new line Then you need to run tmsh list auth ldap system-auth referrals auth ldap system-auth { referrals yes } If its yes, then change it to no by running tmsh modify auth ldap system-auth referrals no And confirm its set by doing another list command like the one above tmsh l
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    Davison Robotics

    Today is the last day supporting the website. Some bad eggs. No longer supporting the following websites davisonrobotics.com davisonrobotics.net davisonrobotics.org team10058.com team9514.com team3534.com DONE! Yes this logo is something provided by EventGuyZ
  6. Ran into an issue with a security audit being performed found that our NetMRI appliance has TFTP open and thats just no good so here is how you disable TFTP (block) since there is no way to turn off TFTP in NetMRI The attached diagnostics allow you to update the NetMRI appliance IP Tables (firewall) configuration to Reject and Accept tftp traffic. The diagnostics can be applied using the "diag <filename.gpg>" command from the NetMRI admin shell. EXAMPLE: EGserver001> diag IPTables-REJECT-TFTP.gpg +++ Processing Diagnostic File IPTables-REJECT-TFTP.gpg +++ Checking
  7. So we have a bunch of GTM (or BIGIP-DNS) log data in Splunk and most don't know what the heck all of these different fields mean. QID: Host (GMT): src: dest reply_code reply_code_id query answer answer_count message_type query_type record_type. I suppose I will take a crack at it and see if I can find explanations of each field. QID (query ID) You can trace a query and response based on the QID#
  8. Description The Configuration utility displays various colored icons to report the status of these objects. When you point to the status icon that accompanies an object, the BIG-IP system displays information about the object's status. The following table lists the icons that the Configuration utility displays.

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