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Viprion troubleshooting commands



Here are some useful commands I use to troubleshoot the Viprion chassis

Check the state of all the vCMP Guests

[root@txsat1slbcov02-ch:/S1-green-P::Active:Standalone] config # tmsh show /vcmp health prompt

Vcmp::Guest Prompt
Name           Slot ID                     Prompt
txsat1slbco02        1       /S1-green-P::Standby
txsat1slbco12        3    /S3-yellow-P::avrd DOWN
txsat1slbco14        4     /S4-red-P::INOPERATIVE
txsat1slbco16        2     /S2-red-P::INOPERATIVE
txsat1slbco22        3  /S3-yellow-P::INOPERATIVE
txsat1slbco24        4     /S4-green-P::avrd DOWN
txsat1slbco26        2  /S2-yellow-P::INOPERATIVE
txsat1slbco32        3  /S3-yellow-P::INOPERATIVE
txsat1slbco34        4  /S4-yellow-P::INOPERATIVE
txsat1slbco36        4     /S4-red-P::INOPERATIVE
txsat1slbdv04        1       /S1-green-P::Standby

When you need to bring down all the vCMP Guests (helpful when you need to upgrade the Viprion chassis)

tmsh modify vcmp guest all state configured

And when the Viprion chassis is restored and you want to bring all vCMP Guests back online you can run

tmsh modify vcmp guest all state deployed

You can do individual vCMP Guests in the event you don’t want all of your Guests

tmsh modify /vcmp guest txsat1slbco11 state configured

tmsh modify /vcmp guest txsat1slbco11 state deployed


At times, you may need to reboot the slots

tmsh reboot slot all

more aggessive way to reboot the chassis and slots

clsh shutdown -r now

if you need to just reboot one slot you can run the following to identify what slot you are on

bladectl -g slot

Then to reboot individual slots/blades you run the following to reboot blade 1

bladectl -b 1 -r 

REF: https://devcentral.f5.com/questions/right-procedure-to-shutdown-a-viprion-system-with-vcmp


Identify large files on the Viprion by running this command

find /var/log -xdev -type f -exec du {} \; | sort -rn | head -10


To release files you need to restart services

tmsh stop /sys service avrd monpd
tmsh start /sys service avrd monpd
tmsh start /sys service vcmpd


And to verify everything is back up and running

[root@txsat1slbcov02-ch:/S1-green-P::Active:Standalone] config # tmsh show sys cluster
Sys::Cluster: default
Alt-Address             ::
Availability            available
State                   enabled
Reason                  Cluster Enabled
Primary Slot ID         1
Primary Selection Time  03/04/21 20:58:51

  | Sys::Cluster Members
  | ID  Address        Alt-Address  Availability  State    Licensed  HA      Clusterd  Reason
  | 1  ::           available     enabled  true      active  running   Run
  | 2  ::           available     enabled  true      active  running   Run
  | 3  ::           available     enabled  true      active  running   Run
  | 4  ::           available     enabled  true      active  running   Run


more to come


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