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What SNAT address assigned to traffic?



It's quite difficult to troubleshoot traffic issues when a SNAT is assigned from a pool since its random and changes every time a new connection is established.

Below are some hints on how to IDENTIFY what SNAT is assigned to the traffic using tmsh show sys connection

SNAT stands for Source Network Address Translation.

IDENTIFY what SNAT is assigned to the traffic from user source IP (typically you don't want to specify source port since its random generated)

tmsh show sys connection cs-client-addr

IDENTIFY what SNAT is assigned to the traffic on virtual server on port 80

tmsh show sys connection cs-server-addr cs-server-port 80

IDENTIFY what SNAT is assigned to traffic destined for pool member over port 443

tmsh show sys connection ss-server-addr ss-server-port 443

Explaination of columns when running tmsh show sys connection

cs-client-addr:cs-client-port | cs-server-addr:cs-server-port | ss-client-addr:ss-client-port | ss-server-addr:ss-server-port
Computer IP & PORT            | Virtual Server IP & PORT      | SNAT IP & PORT                | Server IP & PORT




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