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In Loving Memory Anna Marie Bonser



90916B3C-841E-41E9-BC70-71D18049BDDD.thumb.jpeg.3875d4f205968a2c41ea5a9db9c6c49b.jpegO God, who brought us to birth,

and in whose arms we die,

in our grief and shock, contain and comfort us;

embrace us with your love,

give us hope in our confusion and grace to let go into new life;

through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Birth Date     March 12th 1972

Death Date   November 8th 1993

Ortonville Cemetery

175 N. Ortonville Road (M-15) PO BOX 433 Ortonville, MI 48462

Brandon Gardens, Oakland County, Michigan, USA


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So Anna Bonser was a great friend of mine.  We hung out every chance we could.  Not boyfriend/girlfriend at the time but wasn't a lack of wanting to be.  Anna told me that she was going to run away from home because of some issues so I quickly volunteered to be her driver.  It didn't take long for Anna and I to work out where we were going and how long it would take us.  Destination was California.  Where in California?  No idea and we thought we would figure it out once we got there.  I spent much of my savings making sure my 1975 Chevelle was ready and prepared for the long drive.  The morning of our runaway we went to the bank for her to pull out her money to help us pay for gas and food.  She came back to the car with a $100, which really messes up the plan but I'm committed on going by this point.  We start heading down the expressway and about 20min into it she says that she can't go.  After making sure she wants to abort her plan on running away, I drop her off at her sisters and kept on trucking...  but this is about her so we'll stop that story here.

Anna and I loved going to concerts at Pine Knob.  Some great memories of chilling on the hill watching Metallica with her.

I miss you Anna, miss just hanging out with you.

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