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Family Medallion



This ceremony, created by Rev. Roger Coleman of Clergy Services, Inc./ was designed to significantly include the children of those being married in the wedding celebration. The Family Medallion provides a symbol for recognizing family relationships by adding a third circle to the two "marriage circles." During this part of the ceremony, the children shall come forward and form a circle with the Bride and Groom who welcome the children into the family and verbally make a commitment to them. 

(The Officiant says):

Just as (Groom) _______________ and (Bride) _______________ gave each other rings as symbols of their love and commitment to one another, they also would like to present [each of] you with a gift as a symbol of their love and commitment to you. The Family Medallion is made up of three intertwining circles, two of which symbolize the union of this man and woman in marriage. The third circle represents the joining of children to this union, making it complete as we celebrate the new family created here today. 

(The Bride and Groom present the children with the Family Medallion, and give each child a hug and a kiss.)


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