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In loving memory of Ronald C Sheffer



Jan 16, 1941 - 2012 ? (not sure on exact day)

A great man loss his battle with cancer and is now at peace hopefully with family, friends and fellow marines.  Oh yes, Ron Sheffer was a proud marine veteran and imagine still is.  Beyond being a proud marine, Ron Sheffer loved his family so very much which includes his wife Charlene Sheffer, oldest daughter Tamara Rapmund and his youngest daughter Julie Gerecke.  Ron also has a sister, Yvonne that he loved very much.

Ron enjoyed learning woodworking to include all the joinery and many other skills he picked up from Yvonne's boyfriend Carl which was very skilled in woodworking.  I personally shared that passion for building furniture from wood which was a great joy and will always treasure those memories while we both stumbled through different projects.

Another great memory is Ron's passion for an old MG he told me how he went ripping his MG up and down the mountains.

Ron Sheffer, you will be missed more than you know.



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