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Unable to remove device due to linked applications



So you are in BIG-IQ and for some reason or another BIG-IQ is asking for you to remove the device and add it back in to re-establish trust but wait..  you can’t because Applications are linked to that device.  Here are some steps to follow to remove an application.

So say you are trying to remove the LTM service from a device and its saying you can’t remove the device because this application is linked to it


So you need to find the configSetName so you can search on BIG-IQ

restcurl /cm/global/config-sets | jq '.items[] | {configSetName,selfLink}'

Once you find the ConfigSetName you can force remove it by running the following command

restcurl /cm/global/tasks/force-delete -X POST -d '{"configSetName":"t_10.47.32.9_openpagescc-dev.int.thezah.com._app"}'

Now if you have multiple to do you can cheat a little bit but its still a pain in the ass…

restcurl /cm/global/tasks/force-delete -X POST -d "{"configSetName":"${setname}"}"

So when it completes and you get the next one that has an issue you just update setname=t_103841_dev1_abms_pdev3_int_thezah_com_https_app and up arrow to run the following again: restcurl /cm/global/tasks/force-delete -X POST -d “{“configSetName”:”${setname}”}”

Did you know that every F5 has a unique code which can be found when you run the following

cat f5-rest-device-id

Sometimes its helpful to know what the UUID is for the F5 device

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