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Sikhism is classified as an Indian religion or Dharmic religion along with Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. The basis of Sikhism lies in the teachings of Guru Nanak and his successors. Sikh ethics emphasize the congruence between spiritual development and everyday moral conduct. Sikh in Punjabi means “learner,” and those who joined the Sikh community, or Panth (“Path”), were people who sought spiritual guidance. Sikhs claim that their tradition has always been separate from Hinduism. Nevert


According to Taoist practice, at the deepest level of our being—in our spiritual essence—we are neither man nor woman. Learn how this concept applies throughout Taoism, including its history, scriptures, ceremonies, and tradition.

Baha’i Faith

Unlike the other traditions, the Baha’i Faith is relatively young but still has much to offer to the environmental discussion. As Peter Adriance and Arthur Dahl tell us in the overview essay, “the Bahá’í appreciation for nature goes far beyond its utilitarian value, to see it as a significant source of knowledge at the spiritual level.” But the spiritual is intimately and essentially interconnected with pressing, practical concerns, as “from a Bahá’í Faith perspective, the problems of ecology an


Introduction Rastafarianism began in Jamaica in 1930 with the coronation of Haile Selassie (Ras Tafari) in Ethiopia.  Many black Jamaicans saw this event as the fulfillment of Marcus Garvey’s prophecy that one day a black king would be crowned in Africa, and that this event would signal the resurgence of the African peoples.  All of the earliest proponents of Rastafarianism were familiar with the Pan-Africanist movements in the United States and abroad, and preachers such as Leonard Howell 

Helping Build a Fence

Our friends need help to build a privacy fence since they are getting crazy high quotes of tens of thousands of dollars to build a simple privacy fence. Here are the basics on how I attack building a privacy fence Getting Started Preparation mark out where your fence is going call miss dig to make sure you aren't going to hit any under ground wiring get a building permit from your city measure the total area (length of each leg) to help price out mater


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When COVID is Over

When this coronavirus is over and life returns to what we call normal, may we never, ever take for granted again..... A handshake or a kind word from a stranger A hug from a friend Worshipping with other believers in a crowded church service A boring night at home Full shelves at the grocery store A Friday night out with the wife or husband at your favorite restaurant Looking for a parking space at your kid's ballgame Coffee with a long-ti



K8 Strong the Journey

This journey I try and capture as much as I can as my wife battles cancer in hopes to help someone else that might be fighting cancer as well will have an idea of what to face which include the good and the bad. I'm writing this from the ER waiting room at the McLaren hospital in Flint, Michigan but let me explain how we got here. My wife, Kate (aka K8), has been feeling sluggish (no energy) and she has been loosing lots of weight without even trying.  Lack of wanting to eat which are


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Does Michigan Law recognize you as a minister?

The simple answer is yes Michigan Marriage Code Michigan law states that a "minister of the gospel" may officiate at weddings. The language used may give the impression that the right is restricted to clergy of a specific religion, but it's actually just an older phrasing than most states use today - ministers of any religion are afforded equal rights in Michigan. Any clergyperson authorized by his or her religious organization to solemnize marriages may perform weddings in Michigan. T



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