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A blog for the latest happenings with the Mid-America Festivals

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MAF User Management

This short article is helping explain how User Management works for the EventGuyZ system used for Mid-America Festivals. MAIN SITE is this site (https://eventguyz.com) which is where users should all be registered.  Once the EventGuyZ staff is made aware of the new MAF user, they get added to a group on this website called MAF_Staff or MAF_Managers What's the difference? MAF_Staff will allow access to the Mid-America Festivals Staff Service/Group that provides visibility into how



Credit Card Terminals (Clover)

Count Room receives all credit card terminals.  They will split up the terminals for what is assigned to Box Office and what is assigned to Count Room / Food Booths.  Once Box Office recieves the credit card terminals from Count Room, take a note of the last 4 numbers of the serial number of the credit card terminal and where it will be assigned for the run of the that season. Example:   CC SALES These terminals use CELL service so no need to worry if it's connected to



Internet at shows

Here are the notes I have for internet at each of the festivals BaRF   KCRF   MiRF WiFi: MyWiseGuys - (Password: crazyb1tch) --> This utilizes a direct connection from Count Room via a white wire down to Area 100 and to a mini NetGear switch located in the rafters where it splits with the PoS systems for 100 and then a blue cable runs to the Box Office to port 1 on the Netgear switch. The yellow cable in port 2 runs to a white Apple Airport Capsule which is your



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